Saturday, October 12, 2013

Social Class and Cultural Diversity

      This week we have dived into class and culture. First, to understand and learn about class and culture, we need to know what those terms mean. The definition of social class is: "people having the same social, economic or educational status." The definition of culture is: "the beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time." It was really interesting to watch videos on different social classes. I think with social classes it is a type of mindset. Once you get comfortable in one of the areas on the social scale, you don't want to leave and sometimes you start to perceive the other social classes as a certain way. With culture I really think it is something that you believe and live. With culture I feel that it is something that someone feels and lives. While with class I feel it is more in the mind. That it is just a role that has to be played in order to fit in.

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  1. Hey its Emily your TA again:) Which video made the biggest impact and why? You mentioned that there is a certain level of comfort many feel in their social class, do you believe that the majority desire to improve their situations or remain stagnant? How can individuals influence the culture they find themselves in? I disagree with your idea that class is "in the mind," class is very recognizable and culturally relevant. Why do you believe that class is "in the mind?"